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What is Project Inkwell?

  • Project Inkwell creates technology standards for the K-12 industry by managing the development of functional and technical specifications leading to the manufacture, sale, and implementation of information technology uniquely suited to the K-12 customer, learner, and educational staff.
  • Inkwell’s initial ’’product’’ is a set of functional requirements for one-to-one (1:1) computing and access, where 1:1 is defined as a teaching and learning environment in which every educator and learner has always-on, real-time access to personal learning technology.
  • Inkwell is a market catalyst driving industry consensus toward appropriate technology standards required to unite, and accelerate, K-12 technology demand - to encourage innovation in K-12.

Who is Project Inkwell?

  • Inkwell is composed of ‘‘Member Companies’’ and educational institutions that develop requirements, technical specifications, and ultimately products optimized for K-12 schooling. Member companies include AMD, IBM, Microsoft, Red Hat, CDW, Classlink, Clearwire, DataSlide, EduSmart, EKOS International, Fourier Systems (Dell’s CE Platform partner), Gateway/ACER, IDEO, Inspiration Software, Library Video Company, National University, Pearson Inc., Promethean, Quality Education Data, Reuters, SanDisk, SimDesk, SMART Technologies, Sun Microsystems, VIA Technologies, WRC Media, and many others. Inkwell has been endorsed by the United States Departments of Commerce and Education, school districts, and state education offices.
  • Inkwell has also received endorsements from the offices of Governors Janet Napolitano (AZ) and Jon Huntsman (UT), and retired Governor Angus King (ME), who chairs the Inkwell Governors’ Task Force.

The Inkwell Structure and Process

  • Inkwell Working Groups are divided into five domains: Teaching and Learning Device, Servers and Infrastructure, Software and Content, Professional Services and Consulting, and Business Modeling.
  • Inkwell’s Steering Committee, composed of industry professionals in education, instructional software, equipment, and school administration, guide and manage the synthesis of the five domains.
  • Working Groups generate functional requirements, the ‘‘work product’’ of Inkwell, published via the Inkwell website for Member Companies and made available to schools and other procurement entities encouraging adoption of industry standards requisite to the effective use of technology in schooling.

What is the Time Frame for Inkwell?

  • Launched in November 2004, the first Inkwell functional specifications for 1:1 access/computing devices were published in July 2006 with prototypes reflecting these requirements made available in Q406.
  • Inkwell is timed appropriately for the K-12 marketplace as current conservative estimates of 1:1 market demand project annual volume of 10MM+ units in 2-4 years.

Why Inkwell?

  • Technology is a catalyst for positive change and innovation in K-12 schooling. Using information technology, students are engaged in the learning process, promoting renewed interest in math and science subjects, encouraging academic success, acquiring skills needed for 21st-century prosperity.
  • Technology accommodates classroom diversity, helping educators manage and synthesize myriad instructional strategies that enable student-centered, 1:1 instruction.
  • Adoption of 1:1 instruction yields improved student performance and test scores, reductions in student disciplinary problems, improved student/educator attendance, and educator retention.
  • In the K-12 arena, the addressable market opportunity for Project Inkwell Certified devices and infrastructure is $20B domestic (USA), likely ten-fold greater worldwide.

Want to Know More?

To learn more about becoming an Inkwell Member company, contact CEO Mark Anderson at or 360-378-3431.
View the Membership Agreement.